The performing arts at PAUMC has always been a strong part of our worship and has many facets, including a choir that sings music from a variety of repertoires, a wonderfully-restored three-manual Schantz pipe organ, and a number of special musical events spread throughout the year.


The choir, consisting of seven professional soloists and seven to ten talented and devoted volunteers, is the real centerpiece of our liturgical music. The choir sings at 11 am worship from “Homecoming Sunday,” which is generally the second or third Sunday of September, until the second Sunday of June. Our repertoire draws heavily on classical liturgical music by Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, Faure and Durufle, reflecting a long tradition at the church that owes a great deal to the impressive stewardship over many decades of the late Lyndon Woodside, former director of the Oratorio Society of New York. In addition, we also sing English cathedral music and African-American spirituals.

At each of our choir rehearsals, held on Sunday mornings, we work on music for the coming two Sunday services. Rehearsal with the full group begins at 9:30 a.m


Park Avenue Youth Theater Summer Camp


Children’s Choir &  Handbell Choir

Under the direction of Lauren Ishida, PAUMC Director of Children’s Music, the Children’s Choir and Handbell Choir welcomes new members for the 2016 Winter/2017 Spring season!

Children of all ages and faith backgrounds to join us each Sunday at 12:15, to learn:

  • Songs & Hymns
  • Spirituals & Classical Music
  • Note Reading & Rhythm
  • Healthy Vocal Production

And to perform in services and concerts throughout the year!

No previous experience required.


Photo: Brian Richardson and Joseph Ortiz perform “Father, Son, and Coffee” by Suzanne Bronson in a community artist showcase hosted at Park Avenue United Methodist Church,  Thematic Thursday: Cracks in the Wall.