You likely already know this, but one of the things I am most grateful for at PAUMC is the ways we serve our community, which extends into all five New York City boroughs, parts of northern New Jersey, and beyond. We are not just a “Sunday” church, but all week long people are coming and going for a variety of reasons: after school theater programs (ages 4-16), senior’s exercise and fitness class, men’s group, PAM Day School, feeding the homeless, as well as seasonal ministries like the Rummage Sales, Animal Blessing, Christmas Wishes, concerts, etc., etc.

The simple fact that the doors are open 7 days a week allows people to step away from the hustle and bustle of our busy city and just sit for a while, pray, and calm themselves. It says to the passersby: “Come in, this is God’s house. You are welcome here.” And people do find their way inside: parents, children, friends, “strangers”, patients on their way to or from a nearby doctor’s office or hospital, tourists from around the world taking a peek or snapping a photo of the quote outside, on and on.

Whether you live near or far, I hope these writings each week remind you that you are also part of our community. They are invitations into my heart and spiritual journey where you are welcomed with great joy.

On tomorrow night, we will hold our Seventh Annual Homecoming Fundraising Event. The goal this year is to raise $17,000 to refurbish our weathered outside doors.

You may have already purchased ticket(s) to attend or given a donation, for which we are grateful. If you have not and want to donate, please click the link below. Your support will go a long way as our work is never done. With that said, I cannot think of more important and more meaningful work than opening our hearts, minds, and doors to those who need us most, especially during these times.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Cathy