Approximately 22,000 children live in a New York City homeless shelter, and over 150,000 NYC public school students have experienced homelessness within the past 6 years. One of the most devastating consequences of homelessness is the impact it can have on a child’s education. The reality of living in a shelter and the stigma associated with it add up to a great hardship for these children.

Throughout the month of July, Park Avenue United Methodist Church and Park Avenue Methodist Day School are partnering with Volunteers of America’s Operation Backpack, which provides backpacks and supplies to the thousands of children experiencing homelessness. We are focusing our efforts on purchasing backpacks and supplies for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students.

There are three ways you can help!

Donate a Backpack & Supplies

Use this form to know which items to buy, and place the label inside of the completed backpack. If any of the items are missing, simply list them on the label. You can place the backpacks in the following locations:

Sundays – Animal Bins located in the Narthex
Weekdays – Animal Bins located in the Library

Support a Backpack

Use this form to purchase individual supplies in any quantity. You can place the supplies in the same location as the completed backpacks.

Financial Contribution

Park Avenue United Methodist Church and Park Avenue Methodist Day School are collecting financial donations to support the work of Operation Backpack. Drop a labeled check in the offering plate on Sundays, or use a labeled offering envelope to donate cash. Donations may also be made through this link. Please be sure to include “Operation Backpack” in the notes portion of the notation form.  $45 can supply a full backpack, but any amount will be used to support students experiencing homelessness in NYC. 

All donations are due by August 1st.

If you have any questions, please contact Liz Sweeney by email or by calling (212) 427-5421.