Graduations are notorious for inspiring wisdom, insights, gratitude, and often a bit of humor. Some may forget what billionaire Robert F. Smith said last weekend to the graduating class at Morehouse College, but many of us will long remember his extravagant generosity, when he announced that his family would be paying off their student loans debts – talk about giving back and setting expectations!
There are also other milestones that mark pivotal moments in our lives, such as weddings, births, birthdays, new jobs or promotions, retirement, etc. And then there are smaller, simpler milestones that happen in the day-to-day that can be almost unrecognizable, such as finally hitting the gym, making better food choices, reading for inspiration, honoring a doctor’s appointment, arriving on time, forgiving a fault, mending a relationship, taking the high road, etc., etc. – anything that might present a challenge or require great effort in order to achieve. The list is as long and varied as our own personal journeys.
These smaller milestones should not to be ignored, and while they might appear inconsequential in the whole scheme of things, they help us pay closer attention to how we are growing and moving forward with our lives. No milestone is too small, and each one is worth celebrating – not just the “big” things.
I’m guessing that you probably have a fair number of milestones waiting to be recognized; some may be larger than others, but all are valid. And I’m hoping that you will register them as the victories they are one step forward at a time.
Grace and peace,
Pastor Cathy