COVID-19 Update

PAUMC is actively working to develop ways that all within our community remain supported during these strange and unprecedented times. Listed below are ways that you can stay connected to the church:

All 11:00am Sunday morning worship services have been moved to livestream. You can watch this livestream at, on our Facebook page, or on YouTube.

Quote of the Week
We will continue to post our quote for the week on the board in front of our church, and it can also be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and on the homepage of our website.

Small Groups
Small groups of 8-10 people are being formed and will connect with each other during the week via Zoom or phone conference calls, emails, phone, or text. Each group will represent the rich diversity of our congregation, and I am prayerful that new friendships will be formed. If you are not part of a group but wish to be, please contact Pastor Cathy.

Coffee with Cathy
Join Pastor Cathy for a cup of coffee (or whatever perks you up) on Wednesday mornings at 10:00am during a video podcast where we will engage a variety of topics. Special guests will also be invited to join in from time to time. Watch these each Wednesday at

The Church also needs your ongoing support. While it might not be easy right now, we must still maintain our financial responsibilities. Please try to honor your 2020 pledge and give as you are able by using our website or through PayPal, or you can also mail a check to the church office.

Take good care of yourself. Stay connected. Keep the faith. You are loved.