Earlier this week, the staff and I ran across several boxes of archives that had been discovered and carefully stored a few years ago when we celebrated the church’s 175th anniversary. It was interesting to see old books and photographs dating as far back as the late 1800s and early 1900s; Bibles from the 1960s, handwritten notes, minutes of meetings, church bulletins, etc., etc

There is no way those members and friends could have imagined the PAUMC of today or the current state of our city, country, and world any more than you or I can fully imagine what their lives must have been like.

What I do know is that life happened and faith happened. Babies were born and baptized, families gathered for weddings and funerals, friendships were formed, stories shared, and inspirations experienced through worship, sermons, prayers, and hymns – all signs of a healthy community of faith in every generation.

I am also sure that there were many challenges and difficult decisions along the way. And yet, people persevered in faith so that the church could be sustained. What we experience of the ministry and vitality of PAUMC today is because of the dedication, commitment, hard work, and generosity of others who have gone before.

We also must do our part as receivers but also as givers and sustainers for a future not seen or even imagined. The true witness of our lives and faith is not just what we do for our time but what we leave for those who come after.

Next Saturday, we will celebrate our 7th annual Homecoming event and I hope you will be join us or support this cause as we continue our endeavors to leave a lasting legacy.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Cathy