Last Sunday was Laity Sunday at our church. Almost the entire service was led by lay members, 4 of whom also shared personal reflections of their faith journey.

We often don’t realize the impact of our witness or the difference it can make. On Sunday evening, I received this email from one of our members about his experience of the day:

Pastor Cathy,

I must tell you of something that happened today after church that falls into the category of “there are no accidents.” Isaiah had asked me to be a reader this morning during the Prayers for the People part of the service. I had the privilege of reading the passage regarding praying for those in our community that were homeless, hungry, lonely, and those wrestling with mental illness. In closing the prayer it read “grant that we may not detach from these troubles around us but engage with them, that we may be part of the answers to our own prayers.” Not 2 hours after the service I was approached by a man who fell into pretty much of all those categories. Rather than trying to find some way to get out of the encounter, I stayed very present with this man, listened to his story, offered some words of encouragement, and gave him a few dollars to get something to eat. We heard lots of stories about faith this morning and that message resonated with me and was a catalyst for my encounter later on in the day. “Faith does not make it easy. Faith makes it possible.”

Jim Crawley

I couldn’t agree more: “Faith does not make it easy. Faith makes it possible.” May we be reminded of this truth as we go about our days, and may we also find the courage to share our faith, because someone might very well be blessed because of what we have to say.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Cathy