A few weeks ago, I served on a panel at Union Theological Seminary with two other clergywomen – one from Church of Holy Apostles NYC downtown and the other from Washington National Cathedral in Washington, DC. During Q&A, one of the students asked, “Is there anything you wish you had learned or learned more about during your time in seminary?” It was an excellent question, and after a few seconds of looking at one another to see who which panelist would respond first, I answered “church administration,” to which the others agreed wholeheartedly.
Most seminaries I know are notorious for not teaching effective leadership beyond preaching, teaching, and pastoral care, and church members are often in denial about the “business side” of things and what it takes 6 days a week in order to get us to a few hours on Sunday mornings.
Let me just sat that, in addition to the spiritual side, the church is also a business and becoming more so as time goes by with federal, state, and city regulations, care for aging buildings, recruitment and management of staff, fundraising, strategic planning, visioning, on and on and on. I am thankful every day for committed colleagues and faithful members and friends who give their time, talents, treasure, and expertise to make sure that we are able to sustain a vibrant ministry here at PAUMC.
This Sunday is Stewardship Sunday, and members will be invited to bring their 2020 pledge cards (or click here to complete on line if you will not be able to attend) so that we can plan responsibly for the coming year. All gifts are needed, and my prayer is that you will can possibly offer, faith that spurs you on, and good companions to accompany your journey forward.
Grace and peace,
Pastor Cathy