I have to say that my vacation this year was probably the best I’ve had in a good long while and boy, did I need it!  There was nothing outlandish or exotic but every moment was precious with family, friends, reading, rest, and re-creation.  As it turns out, the bookends of my time involved two dear members of our church.

You may recall that Walter Spencer passed away on August 4th and I was able to preach the eulogy at his “home” church in Griffin, Georgia.  While there was sadness, it was wonderful to be present with his family and to celebrate a life of faithful service and generosity.   Everyone spoke so well of him, and as the horse drawn carriage slowly left the church carrying his body to the cemetery, I knew that Walter was surely smiling down on us and most likely bragging to the angels.

And then, Anthony Badaracco and Lucy’s Wu’s wedding last Sunday in Denver!  It was wonderful to meet their families and friends who came from across the country and China just to be part of it.  There was something magical and hopeful about their love springing forth and all of us gathered with singleness of mind and purpose – a real sense of the kind of community God desires for all of us.  And of course, there was great food and beverage; and dancing all night long – wooohoo!

There were other things too in between that captured my attention: Charlottesville, Robert E. Lee statutes, the eclipse, nuclear threat, DACA, Hurricane Harvey (and now Irma), Noby’s resignation, the Hillary Clinton book of which I am a contributor – just to name a few.

Who knows what’s next?  I dare not think about it.  What I am thinking about though is how grateful I am for the time away; for our staff – Isaiah, Liz, Teresa, Valerie, Lefty, Richard, and Elena – who made sure that everything ran smoothly with such excellence, and members and friends like you, your love and support, and ongoing commitment to the sustainability of our church regardless.  I am excited about seeing you and more determined than ever to live my one and precious life as best I can and to keep it moving… always keeping it moving forward.  I hope you are as determined as I am!

Grace and peace,
Pastor Cathy