…I keep wanting to tell myself that things are getting better; that things will get better, but there are days when I am not so sure. I preach a gospel of good news and hope, but some days the news isn’t good, is it? It’s really bad news and bad news for so many, and it has been bad news for a very long time. Such vitriol is not acceptable. Hatred is not ok. Treating people in harmful ways must stop. We must denounce such things and call them as they are.


Like you perhaps, I don’t have the answers, but I know that good people will have to find ways to do good things for the greater good and to denounce hatred in all of its forms if there is going to be any hope for real change. Each of us must dig deep into ourselves, talk, listen, share, learn, and unite around those ideals and values we hold most dear as children of God. And we must do it every day in every way possible.


Though tired, I will not quit, and I hope you are more determined than ever to join me in the struggle to promote the message of love, kindness, good-will, and civility for all people. It is the only way.


Opportunities are before us and there is much work to be done. Let us take courage with our eyes wide open to really seeing one another as we truly are. And let us speak out and live out the message of our faith every chance we get in every way we can…

Written in a pastoral letter dated August 6, 2019 in response to the mass shooting of the innocent in a shopping mall in El Paso, Texas.

Reprinted today in response to the racial threats hurled at Christian Cooper in Central Park Monday morning and the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in the afternoon and how these incidents are intricately woven together. And so many more.

It is not okay.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Cathy