Few things are more exciting to me than the start of a school year: children and parents walking together, waiting for the bus, taking that “first day of school” snapshot, connecting with old and new friends, book bags, teachers, and the hopefulness of new learnings and fresh beginnings.
Molly DeGesero, our Day School Director, faculty, and staff have been buzzing all week preparing classrooms, hanging banners, assembling packets, and excitedly awaiting next Wednesday’s first day of the 2019-2020 year.
My hat also goes off to adults who make the leap to return to school to complete or start a degree program, many of whom have to juggle jobs, spouses/partners, families, exams, research papers, presentations, etc., etc. – Lord, give them strength! It’s not easy and requires a certain kind of resolve and determination to even start, let alone to finish and finish well.
I am a learner, and I am still learning. The more I think I know, the more I realize how much more there is to be discovered: things about myself, God, Scripture, our nation and its history, the world, human behavior, insects, trees, music, cultures, languages, on and on and on.  I love it, and learning never ends!
This Sunday, we will be offering special prayers for all returning to the classroom and for those seeking to grow in all forms. We’ll pray for safety of mind, body, and spirit, curiosities, imaginations, and wisdom. We’ll ask God to bless teachers, parents, administrators, and all who have charge over these most vulnerable ones.
And today, I am asking you to join me in praying throughout this year for our children. Whenever you see a child, whisper a simple prayer – as simple as “Lord, bless this child of yours and keep them safe.” They’ll need every prayer, and you’ll be better for it too.
Grace and peace,
Pastor Cathy