Lately, I have been laughing at myself a lot. It helps. It’s far better than crying; better than feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or angry.

Yesterday I laughed at myself trying to put people into a breakout room on a Zoom call. Lord, have mercy!

Earlier in the week, I laughed recording a 30 second video while looking into the camera and remembering the script by heart at the same time.

I laugh at my hair most mornings, knowing full well that it’s about a week away from being a full blown Afro (ask if you don’t understand) and one more wash will surely turn it as white as snow.

I laughed at the handyman relighting the gas broiler in my oven while thinking to myself that I should be able to do that but knowing that the whole building would likely end up in smoke at the very least.

I even laughed one morning while praying for financial blessings, imagining God laughing back at me saying “Yeah, yeah, yeah I’ve heard that one before. Don’t worry,” to which I drew a big smiley face on the page in my prayer journal and kept moving.

I am not sure why these things are striking me as funny, but they are. I’m taking them as good signs that maybe I’m finding my stride and reclaiming the joy God promised. And I’m also grateful that these moments of my own silliness are not lost and serve as reminders that I should not be taking myself nor any such things so seriously.

I truly believe that laughter is good and good for the soul. It is one of the most simple and basic functions of our being. We know that the smile and laughter of a baby can take our breath away and melt even the hardest heart. And I’m certain there are all kinds of physical, mental, and spiritual health benefits attached as well.

The message today is simple. These are challenging times, but they are our time. Every day is gift; precious. Try to find some laughter—it’s there waiting for you, and I cannot think of a more perfect subject to practice on than your very own self. I promise it will do you good!

Grace and peace,
Pastor Cathy