Happy Easter!  We are still in the season, you know.  As a matter of fact, what we experienced on April 1st was just the beginning of the Easter season that takes us to Pentecost Sunday on May 20th.

Lent and Holy Week are about embracing the realities of death and all that comes along with it – even death to things we need to carry no longer.  But Easter and Resurrection are about embracing life and the hope that lies beyond death and the grave.  We ask ourselves how we might live beyond the wounds, pain, sorrow, betrayals, lies, brokenness, complications, and victimizations that come our way.  How are we, like Christ, also being raised up so that we experience the joy for which he died, and that our lives have meaning beyond ourselves?

It is often easier to live in darkness and despair than the light of hope and healing love.  Resurrection takes us beyond the emptiness to embrace the fullness of new dreams, fresh starts, forgiveness, grace, love, etc., etc.  In the day-to-day, we might struggle to believe that our enemies, sin, and death have been defeated or that the messiness of life will ever end.  Some days I feel it too.  But then, we claim another reality: that in Christ, we live through and beyond it all and arise to be agents of transformation for others.

The Easter season has only just begun – AGAIN!

Lord Most High, bless this child of yours
and guide them to the light that is calling to each of us.
Give them courage to live as a resurrected person
with eyes, ears, mind, and heart wide open to all the possibilities at hand.
The good, bad, joys, sorrows – even life and death –
all belong to you, and you are in all calling us forward.
Thanks be to you, Loving One; the impossible is still possible.  Amen.