It seems that Noby is often practicing the organ at odd times during the day as his schedule allows.  When he first started working at the church two years ago, I was distracted by this as I am one of those persons who need a fair amount of quiet in order to concentrate – no radio or television playing in the background when I’m reading or trying to write for sure.  Since my office sits almost directly above the organ, I would often be at my wits end every time I heard him strike up a chord in the middle of the day.  Still, I realized the complexity of him trying to juggle this job around other jobs and family life, and since I also want Sunday morning worship to be as stellar as possible, it’s something I learned to grow accustomed to.

One day, he was practicing hymn #98 To God Be the Glory and all of a sudden I was aware of two very important things (at least important to me):


  1. I was no longer bothered by him practicing and despite earlier irritations, I discovered that I was getting along just fine.
  2. That particular hymn on that particular day felt like a real gift of inspiration that took up residence in my spirit in a fresh way: “Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, let the earth hear his voice; praise the Lord praise the lord let the people rejoice – oh come to the father, to Jesus the son, and give him the glory great things he has done.”


I could not help but sing the words out loud (probably disturbing Teresa who sits next door but was too new to the job and too gracious to say anything about how I might have been irritating her – geez)!  And by the way, this was also the day after I had just signed the contract with our new Day School Director after more than a year long search – praise the Lord indeed!

My guess is that we all get irritated from time to time about things that aren’t really so grand in the whole scheme of things; irritated and disturbed about little things that could very well prove to be a wonderful blessing if only we were a little more patient and a little less selfish.  It’s a hard lesson but certainly one worth striving to learn.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Cathy
P.S.  Attached is a link to Bishop Bickerton’s response to the Judicial Council’s ruling on the status of Bishop Karen Oliveto: