What has your life been saying to you lately? What does it want, need, or can offer others at this particular time? How are your values and beliefs aligning with hopes, dreams, and passions? Where are you feeling most alive?

These are good questions to be asking yourself on a regular basis, for they speak of the purposes God has designed; and you may be surprised how the answers change over time and with greater specificity. When we live with purpose, we have a measure of courage and strength beyond ourselves. We are able to take necessary risks and do the hard thing, even amid doubts, disappointments, discouragement, anxiety, fear, and fiery darts that might be hurled our way. On the other hand, if we are unsure, it is easy to lose ourselves, blend in with the crowd, tag along on someone else’s convictions, play “safe” or small, or look out for our own self-interest alone.

In our Old Testament lesson this Sunday, Queen Esther lived with purpose and was able to do the hard thing for the sake of her people though the stakes could not have been higher. Her decisions called to the deepest parts of herself and her beliefs; yet she put everything on the line for what she thought was best.

Esther demonstrated extraordinary courage despite the obstacles of her day including privilege, status, expectations, and traditions. She is a hero of faith and her own life, having found the audacity to live out and into the person God created her to be. May we also find the courage to listen to our lives as it tells us who we are and what we are to be doing.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Cathy

Prayer of the Week
Gracious Lord, give us a sense of purpose so that we might live our days with meaning and our faith to completion, overflowing and full of joy. Amen.