The Bible is full of stories of people’s encounters with God. At best, we only get a small glimpse of who they were: a conversation with, a day in the life of, or a single experience among many. Some of those encounters were filled with excitement and enthusiasm, but more often than not, they were fraught with a sense of fear, anxiety, disbelief, doubt, sorrow, grief, and/or a desire to run away from it all.
This is also our journey, isn’t it? Some days on and some days off; some encounters making the mark triumphantly and other encounters needing endless grace and mercy. Our lives are composites of many parts that come together to form the full story of who God created us to be and who we are becoming, step by step.
We know that it’s not always “politically correct” to talk about faith or religion in our culture today, not even among fellow Christians. But can you imagine how transformative such dialogue might be if we could find a way and the courage to do so? I think it would be truly revolutionary and we might be surprised at how much we actually have in common.
This Sunday is Laity Sunday, and we will hear from several lay members of their experiences of God and how faith has been formed over the years.
I want to also encourage you to give some thought to how your own faith has been formed through all the joys and complexities of life. And if possible, seek out an opportunity or two to share, because someone might very well need to hear exactly what you have to say.
Grace and peace,
Pastor Cathy