Tomorrow I will drive upstate to officiate the wedding of Colleen Coburn and Dustin Demetriou.  This will be the first of SIX weddings I have been asked to perform between now and November 16th!  Needless to say, I am thrilled and see this as good a sign as any of our healthy growing church where love of all types abound!
More often than not during couples counseling, I ask them to engage in a little exercise about what they need from one another in order for their relationship to be sustained for the long haul. While it is true that our “needs” change over time, I have found this conversation to be a great way of helping them find language and intentionality about naming what is important as they journey along. How will they keep the fire burning? How will they remain in love “till death do [them] part” – hopefully for a very long time!
John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, raised similar challenges regarding our spiritual journey and relationship with God. He encouraged us to be proactive about developing spiritual disciplines and habits that lead to a vibrant, active, and growing faith amid all the challenges, disappointments, ups and downs of life.
Some of the most obvious ways might include regular worship, prayer and meditation, Scripture reading, Bible study, fellowship, and service, but there are many others. These days, I might add taking a break from social media, cell phone, and even the evening news and adding things like getting plenty of sleep, spending quality time with family and friends, reassessing toxic relationships, etc.
Do no harm. Do good. Stay in love with God. These three rules may appear simple, but they are not easy. However, I am convinced that with lots of practice, practice, practice, they will transform us and our world into the vision God had in mind from the beginning.
By the way – Colleen reminded me recently that when we did the 40 Day Prayer Challenge in 2016, “a husband and baby!” were among her most ardent prayers. Imagine that! And then there will be a baptism or many – woohoo!
Grace and peace,
Pastor Cathy