How are you doing? How is your heart? For sure, these are troubling times with more anxieties than seem bearable some days and multiple layers to almost everything.

If you are like me, you are needing to take a minute or two (or 30 or 100) from time to time to slow the pace and listen for that still small voice calling you the “Beloved” and guiding your way to calm and peace, even reorientation and recalibration. I hope you are taking that necessary time; I really do.

So often when things seem chaotic, we look for quick answers, easy solutions, and immediate action steps so that the situation can be rectified, and we can get on our way sooner rather than later. But there are times when quick answers and easy solutions are not possible. This period we now find ourselves in is one of those. This will take time, patience, resilience, and intentionality on everybody’s part, or at least those willing to try to make things better.

Most days I seem to have more questions than answers, but I have come to appreciate that as well, because sometimes we need to discover the right questions and sit with them for a while in order to better understand the answers when they finally come: What is this really all about? How did we get here? Where are opportunities for positive change? Who do I need to try to better understand? Where can I be a resource for healing love?

Here are some other questions for thought:

  • How are you connecting or reconnecting with yourself, your hopes, and dreams?
  • What is working well despite the many challenges?
  • How did you care for yourself this week?
  • For whom or what have you been challenged to be your best self?
  • Where are you finding gratitude?

Today, I encourage you take a few minutes to unpack your heart and let it speak to you of what your soul needs. It will tell you if you listen carefully.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Cathy