It’s difficult to believe that the Lenten season has already begun. These days and weeks leading up to the death, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus are reminders that we are God’s beloved, for God has withheld absolutely nothing – not even God’s own Son – for our sake.

On Ash Wednesday, we remembered that we share a common bond with all humanity and from the moment we drew our first breath, we are headed back to our original state: dust.

If anything, the season of Lent is about handling one’s own personal spiritual business and each of us has some whether we admit it or not. We are drawn into honest dialogue with ourselves about ourselves: who we are, what we are doing with our lives, and why. We are challenged to consider ways in which we might root out the clutter in order to make room for something better or add on certain disciplines that will strengthen our resolve.

I have long stopped giving up things for Lent like chocolate, diet Coke, wine, cab rides across town, etc, etc. They hardly seem like sufficient sacrifices and besides, most days I feel like I need all the indulgences I can get and a few more if you catch my drift. Still, one thing is certain, I will be paying closer attention this season to the person God is creating in me and I will be longing for Resurrection hope not just on Sunday, April 21st but for all our days.

How about you? What will you do during this wilderness time so that you can best honor the life God has given you?

I look forward to greeting you again in this forum during Holy Week and thereafter.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Cathy