This Sunday is Laity Sunday at our church.  It has long been one of my favorite days of the year as members and friends lead almost the entire worship service and share faith stories that give witness to their experience of God in the day-to-day.

We engage in conversations about many things, don’t we? We talk about the news, weather, politicians, reality stars, family, and friends, on and on.  Even when it comes to the church we spend a lot of time talking about finances, programs, salaries, space, the building, etc.

But when was the last time you talked about such things in the context of your faith?  When did you last say to someone, “Let me tell you about this journey I’m on with God?  Let me tell you why I serve the way I do (or don’t) or give of my time, talent, and treasure as it relates to God’s purposes being fulfilled.  Let me tell you how my faith sustained me during a particularly difficult time or even when it felt as though I had little to no faith at all but somehow the ‘mustard seed’ proved to be enough.  Let me tell you and let me listen to you tell me parts of your story because doing so will lead us both to authentic love and spiritual maturity.”  Or some version of that, but you get the point, don’t you?

We know that it’s not always “politically correct” to talk about faith or religion in our culture today – not even among Christians – but can you imagine how transformative such dialogue might be if we could find a way and the courage to do so?  I think it would be truly revolutionary.  I hope you will join us this Sunday if possible, and if not, I encourage you to go on our website next week and read or listen to what others have to say.  And most of all, I hope you will be inspired to share some aspect of your faith journey in the coming weeks because someone just might truly need to hear exactly what you have to say.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Cathy